10 Best Filtered Halloween Costumes Especially for Women

Halloween is actually celebrated to remember the dead. The big day is going to be celebrated on the 31st of this month. We know that everybody loves dressing up in weird style for Halloween day! Here we give the best filtered list of the top 10 Women Halloween costumes that will make you unique among others.

#1 Dreamgirl Panda Bear Baby



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#2 Anchors Away Costume


Plus size anchors away costume

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#3 Forum Novelties Roaring 20’s Sequin Flapper Beret



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#4 Disguise Women’s Disney Maleficent Movie Maleficent Bustier


Disguise Women’s Disney Maleficent Movie Malefcient

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#5 Disguise Marvel’s Avengers Movie Black Widow Avengers Theatrical Adult



Disguise Marvel’s Avengers Movie Black Widow Avengers Theatrical Adult Costume-634x856

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#6 California Costumes, Women’s Incantasia, The Glamour Witch Costume


California Costumes, Women’s Incantasia, The Glamour Witch Costume-1100x1008

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#7 Disguise Women’s Disney Pirates Of The Caribbean Angelica Prestige




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#8 Leg Avenue Pretty Paratrooper Zipper Front Camo Jumpsuit and Body



Leg Avenue Pretty Paratrooper Zipper Front Camo Jumpsuit and Body Harness

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#9 California Costumes, Medieval Maiden Adult Costume


California Costumes

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#10 Batman The Dark Knight Rises Grand Heritage Deluxe Catwoman Costume


batman costume

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Source: www.worldleaks.com

10 Habits That Will Make Us Happier

secrets-of-happy-people worldleaks


Happiness is something that we all seek. Every goal we set, every achievement we pursue, every relationship we engage in, and every journey we embark on is really just an attempt to feel happiness.

All of us seek happiness, and it comes in various forms. However, our habits have a major impact on whether or not we experience happiness. This article will list 10 “Happiness Habits” that, if consistently practiced, will create a measurable difference in our lives.

1. Align Our Goals With What We Really Value

Quickly ask yourself these questions: Are my goals authentic? Why do I want to achieve [insert goal]? Do I truly value what I am pursuing?

If our core values are not properly aligned with our goals and daily actions, there will be inner conflict.  It is difficult to sustain happiness with a perpetual sense of inner conflict.  Our goals and actions need to be aligned with what we uniquely value as individuals.  So if they aren’t aligned, we need to make a change today.  Either set a new goal that is aligned with something we uniquely value, or stop pursuing something that has little intrinsic meaning.

2. Visualize The Absolute Best Case Scenario

It is natural for us to envision “what could possibly go wrong” in a given situation.  In many cases this actually isn’t a bad thing.  It allows us to make peace with the “worst case scenario” and plan appropriately.  However, it doesn’t get us excited.  So if we feel so inclined to prepare for the worst, we should also have the habit of “seeing the best” as well.  When we see the best, it gets us excited, and it provides us with a sense of hope, confidence and creativity.

3. Give Our Very Best In Everything We Do

Inner conflicts are often at the heart of unhappiness. A great way to create an inner conflict is to give a half-hearted effort in what we are pursuing. We can’t always control our immediate circumstances. Things happen to us that are outside of our control, but we can control how we react to situations. We can control our actions, and we can control our attitude‒no matter what happens to us. When we live each moment of our life with a sense that we are always giving our best, we will feel at peace. We won’t have regrets, and no matter what happens to us we will hold our heads up high knowing that we did our best. This makes us happy.

4. Move Towards What Scares Us

Fear stops us from fulfillment. It also inhibits happiness. When we move towards what scares us, we achieve a powerful personal victory. It is the victory of the self over the self. When we achieve this victory we feel fulfilled, and we feel happy. Moving towards our fear also increases our complexity as individuals, and causes us to learn. Both of these are results that make us feel good. A habit of moving towards fear should be done in small, measurable steps.  Are you afraid of public speaking? Don’t sign up for a TED talk quite yet (perhaps that will come later). Start first with a small venue. Expand your comfort zone a small step at a time. Over time (as this becomes a habit) you will be amazed at your growth, and one day when you stand on that TED stage, it will seem surreal, but you only get there one step at a time. One victory over fear at a time.

5. Be Present. Live For Today

Living in the past can sometimes be nostalgic (and memorable), but it can also be painful and depressing. It is so easy to recall past mistakes and missteps. It is so easy to dwell on failures and the things that we “should have done.”  Living for the future can sometimes be exciting (if we are proficient at visualizing a compelling future), but it can also make us anxious (and scared) when we start to think about all the things we must do to make that future a reality.  The solution to the dangers of past and future living is to live completely in the present.  The present is all that we have anyway.  When we live in the present, we experience flow.  We do better work.  We eliminate anxiety and we thwart fear.

6. Learn Something New

If we believe that learning leads to happiness, then we have an unlimited opportunity for an exciting and fulfilling life.  There are literally limitless opportunities to learn.  You can learn a new skill or a new language.  You can learn strategies and tools that will help you to cultivate your existing talents and abilities.  You can expand your knowledge of the world, and other cultures.  You can live your entire life, immersed in learning related activities, and still never know it all. The reality is that learning does make us happy. It gives us confidence. You don’t need to go back to school to learn (although that can be fulfilling as well), just go to your preferred search engine, type some keywords of things that you’d like to learn and start reading.  Build on what you know every day.

7. Exercise and Eat Healthy Foods

The better we eat, the better we’ll feel. The more we move, the better we’ll feel. This habit is also one that will create immediate results.  Sometimes, when we are in a bad mood, or perhaps we’ve had a bad day at work, the solution is a simple one: get to the gym, go for a walk or run, get on the bike, or go for a swim. Whatever our preferred method is, the results are the same.  We feel better after we exercise.

8. Detach From The Opinions of Others

Relationships bring meaning, purpose and richness to our lives.  They also can be a significant source of pain and frustration if we become fixated on the opinions of others.  The reality is that not everyone is going to like us.  Sometimes, just by being ourselves, we unintentionally push people away, and if we try to change this (by being someone who we aren’t) we unintentionally push others away (who like our authentic version better).  There is only one of us, and that is the person who we need to be 100% of the time‒the real, authentic self‒and if it means that not everyone likes us, so be it.  We will be much happier over time if we live as who we really are, and detach from the opinions of others.

9. Detach From Results. Focus Only On Actions

This is a difficult one, but if we master it, it will change our lives.  We pursue goals because we want a result, and there is nothing wrong with this.  All of us do it.  However, if we become completely fixated on the result, and fail to achieve it, then we may look at the endeavor as “wasted time.” We also may be so disappointed in not obtaining the result that we won’t see all of the growth that we experienced.  Some people feel that the saying “the journey is the destination” is simply a cliche, but if we truly live it, it is far more.  When detaching from results‒and focusing only on our actions, on being present at each moment, and on giving the very best that we have‒becomes a habit, we have great possibilities for happiness.

10. Live Life As A Great Experiment

When we are kids, anything is possible.  Life is one giant experiment and we are the great scientists. There are no failures.  There is only feedback.  We are willing to experiment and try just about anything that interests us.  There are no limits. Unfortunately, for many of us, this enthusiasm, and willingness to experiment, fades with age.  We get risk-adverse.  We start worrying about failure, especially if that failure is visible (and could lead to criticism).  We start doubting what is possible. We believe that we are being “practical” and “pragmatic” and we hypnotize ourselves to think that this is the grown-up way to act.  However, it often doesn’t make us happy, and we’d be happier if we just retained the curiosity we had as a child.  If we can capture the child-like innocence of treating life like a giant experiment, and we are the amateur scientists, then the world will remain a wonderful mystery, and we will constantly feel intrigued and happy.


Source : www.worldleaks.com

The Six Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

Most Dangerous Jobs

At some point in our lives, we’ve all probably convinced ourselves that we are condemned to having the worst job in the world. But spare a thought for those brave souls who are stuck up skyscrapers and inside volcanoes, carrying out what are plainly the most dangerous jobs on the planet. With some of the highest number of fatalities in the world and a level of risk that rockets off the Richter scale, you might need to grab some safety goggles just to read this.




The task of working all day logging and cutting down trees with a chainsaw alienates a good chunk of the labor force on pure physicality alone. Factor in the gigantic piece of wood that’s hurdling toward the ground on an 80-degree incline and the fast moving machinery, and you’ve got yourself a deadly career cocktail…not to mention the volatile and forbidding mountain weather patterns that many lumberjacks find themselves working in on the daily. If your heart is set on felling trees as a way to personal fulfillment, bear in mind that every year, 82 out of 100,000 lumberjacks are killed on the job.

Sulfur Miners


It’s widely recognized that mining is an incredibly risky job. In fact, coal mining alone would probably make it onto this list, but another job carries even deadlier requirements. For a select few living on the Indonesian island of Java, a “day’s work” translates as extracting vital minerals from inside an active volcano. Every day, several hundred men trek to the center of Ljen Volcano to mine for lumps of sulfur, which they use to make all sorts of things from rubber to fertilizer. Remarkably, the men have little means of protection, aside from a damp cloth to wear over their mouths. Over the last 40 years, 74 miners have died from gas poisoning and severe burns. Worse still, many sulfur miners are paid less than $10 per day for their life-threatening work.


Construction Workers


While we mill about like ants during our work commutes or lunch breaks, construction workers navigate their respective office spaces from above. Forget the famous photo of the New York workers eating sandwiches on a girder, the job of the construction worker is not to be taken lightly. The possibility of being crushed under steel beams or falling from scaffolding is a very real one, and therefore sits at the very top of a construction worker’s risk list. There’s a whole host of other dangers like power tool malfunctions, risk of explosion, gas leaks and electrocution to add to the hazards of the growing construction business. It’s worth noting that roughly 4,000 workers are killed on the job each year in the US alone.


Target Assistants


This next job falls into the same kind of category as lion tamer–but with double the danger. Remember seeing those absurdly terrifying knife throwing acts at the circus when you were a kid? Well, just think about the knife thrower’s assistant for a second. One accidental slip or a sneeze and the knife could end up bonding with someone’s stomach, not a nicely-lacquered cork board. If you’re still not convinced, have a watch of this pair of professionals, and take note of how the blades whip past the assistant’s hair.



Sometimes known as roofing, the art of steeplejacking carries a similar level of danger to that of standard construction work, but with the added risk of using alarmingly unstable buildings as your work space. Tasked with scaling church steeples and clambering onto rooftops, risks may vary from sliding down the tiles and falling off the edge of a house, to more minor (but still painful) rope burns. Often precariously perched on top of old and uneven structures, the steeplejack also runs the risk of meeting their untimely and grisly demise by falling down chimney shafts, like a notorious case in England when a steeplejack fell 50 meters to his death down an old mill chimney when his scaffolding collapsed. The job title even carries the risk of being shot down by a sniper!




This last entry may come as quite a surprise. When thinking about fishermen, images of ruggedly individualistic, surly sea captains with bushy beards and little fishing boats often spring to mind. You couldn’t be more wrong. Particularly for deep sea fishermen, there’s a whole menagerie of hazards that come with the career. Often having to cope with the crippling isolation that comes with spending months alone at sea, the risks of drowning, being lost at sea, contracting an illness and not making it back to shore in time or even being crushed to death by a mishap with heavy fishing equipment are incredibly high. A staggering 116 fishermen out of every 100,000 lose their lives to the sea every year.

Leaks Source : www.worldleaks.com


20 Unusual and Beautiful Bookcases

Our love of tech means that we’re all geared up with iPads, Kindles, and Nooks (oh my!), but we’ve still got it bad for a good old fashioned book. There’s nothing like curling up with a brand new (or classic) tome on a cozy winter afternoon or on a self-imposed snow day 😉 And, books happen to look just as good as they read. We’ve already shown you our favorite bookcases  so now we turn to bookcases. Fair warning, this collection of cases is on the investment piece side of things, so you can consider each one a bit of eye candy or something new to save up for. Enjoy!

1. Polar Bear Bookcase ($1,680):

First up, isn’t this bear-shaped bookcase kind of amazing? This would be amazing in a children’s library or DIY space.

bookcases wordleaks

2. Wyatt Shelving ($595-$895):

The modern rustic aesthetic seems to be here to stay, and Restoration Hardware knows how to get it done.

Wyatt Shelving

3. Sloped & Slanted Bookcase ($1,498):

This bookcase sort of makes us dizzy, but we’re digging the strange angles and slopes that create each section. It would be fun to organize books by color in a bookcase like this… or in any bookcase 😉

Sloped & Slanted Bookcase

4. Rocky Credenza and Bookshelf ($4,975):

Whoa. Now this is a piece of modern art gone functional. We love how the pattern of the floor echoes the geometry of the bookshelf.

Rocky Credenza

5. Read Your Bookcase (contact to order):

We will NEVER get over this bookcase! We first came across it when searching for awesome typographic decor  and have been swooning over it ever since.

Read Your Bookcase

6. Stacked Shelving System ($ varies):

Want to create a sort of collage for your books and other odds and ends? This system lets you clip ‘em on in any configuration you like. Go high, go wide, or just go nuts.

Stacked Shelving System

7. Hay’s Woody Shelving ($1,515):

There’s something about the simplistic look of this that feels like a visual breath of fresh air, don’t you think?

Hay’s Woody Shelving

8. Fausto Bookcase ($1,750):

This distant relative of the polar bear bookcase is decidedly more fierce, and would look right at home in a man cave.

Fausto Bookcase

9. Tiered Tower Bookcase ($649):

At first glance, this looks like a regular old bookcase. But look closer, and you can see that each shelf dips to create a more tiered look.

Tiered Tower Bookcase

10. Muuto Shelf ($738):

We’re digging the ’60s look of this, like it could come out of a minimalist version of Austin Powers or something.

Muuto Shelf

11. Morgan Leaning Bookcase ($399):

The leaning bookcase isn’t anything new, but we couldn’t resist including this recent classic.

Morgan Leaning Bookcase

12. Magis Collection Me Too Shelving ($444):

Beep boop bop bop! These little dudes look like a cross between space invaders and building blocks, and they make for a very playful set of shelves.

Magis Collection

13. Kansai Bookcase ($1,298):

This circular option would make for a great statement piece in a cozy den or living room.

Kansai Bookcase

14. Elevate Walnut Bookcase ($1,199):

Another one that looks pretty darn wonky at first glance, we love that this bookcase works as a standalone piece, with just a few books and odds and ends adorning it.

Elevate Walnut Bookcase

15. Opus Incertum Bookcase ($424):

Opus Incertum Bookcase

Is this a bookcase or wall art?

16. Elston Engine Modular Shelf ($80 each):

Elston Engine Modular Shelf

Here’s another shelving system that’s easy to customize based on your space. We’re digging the red and white color palette.

17. Quad Shelving Unit ($1,009):

Quad Shelving Unit

Whoa! Diagonal books, what what!

18. Eames Storage Unit, 2×2 ($1,249):

Eames Storage Unit worldleaks

Gotta have an Eames piece of furniture in here! Even if it’s not officially a bookcase 😉

19. Array Yellow Bookcase ($189):

Array Yellow Bookcase

Part of our neon home decor roundup  this neon bookcase is primed to give a boost of sunshine to even the most tired of books.

20. Cave Bookcase (concept):

Cave Bookcase

And finally, a piece of conceptual awesomeness. We absolutely need one of these at Brit HQ.

Which of these will make your dream furniture wish list? Talk to us in the comments below. 

Source: www.worldleaks.com


Best of 2013: 13 Clever Style Tips and Tricks

Next up as we close out 2013, we’re setting our sights on style and all the fun ways we hacked, beaded, and styled it up this past year. From pockets to fringe to LED headbands, here are our top 13 style tutorials of 2013.

1. DIY Pockets:

Remember Polly Pocket? Well, this tutorial has absolutely nothing to do with that way-less-than-pint-sized gal from the ’90s, but we couldn’t resist a nostalgic reference. In this project, we added pockets to tanks and sweatshirts.

style tips

2. Painted Ikat Wedges:

We’ve written about our love of Ikat many times before, and are still on the hunt for the perfect pun that somehow combines cats, iPhones (iCat?), and this attractive pattern. In any case, these wedges are a cinch to replicate.

Painted Ikat Wedges

3. Sweater Circle Scarf:

Got an old sweater or two that are too tired to even be thrifted? Turn them into a scarf with nothing but fabric scissors and hot glue.

Sweater Circle Scarf

4. Tricked Out Booties:

Every gal’s gotta have a pair (or five) of basic booties. If you’re getting bored of plain old basics, add fringe, chain, or rope to them in just minutes. Our favorite is definitely the fringe!

Tricked Out Booties

5. Rhinestone Sunglasses Case:

Your stylish sunnies definitely need a stylish home. Take a basic sunglasses case and Brit it up (yes, Brit it up!) using rhinestones and repurposed jewelry.

Rhinestone Sunglasses Case

6.  Sequined Tees:

Want to get on the collar trend but aren’t super down with formal attire? All you need is a t-shirt and sequins to make your own bedazzled statement top.

Sequined Tees

7. Summer Cutouts:

Oooh! Cutouts are still hot hot hot, and we can’t wait for a little summer weather to bust out this smokin’ hot black dress from this past summer.

Summer Cutouts

8. Colorful Studded Clutches:

As you can see, we’re pretty into taking basics you might already have and tricking them out. In this case, brightly colored clutches and coin purses get the Brit + Co. treatment.

Colorful Studded Clutches

9. Statement Necklace Clutch:

Upon reading the name of this project, you probably think we just threw a bunch of often-used words into a jar and pulled out three that kind of work together. But in reality, we used a statement necklace to embellish a clutch, simply by gluing it on.

Statement Necklace Clutch

10. Leather Fringe and Tassels Clutch:

Boom! Another way to embellish a clutch. This time it’s all about leather.

Leather Fringe and Tassels Clutch

11. LED Headbands:

These were almost as much fun to make as they were to wear! This project is a great way to start experimenting with light up DIY projects and what not.

LED Headbands

12. No-Sew Blanket Poncho:

Made as part of our Bird Week series with Airbnb, this project will show you how to turn a blanket into a poncho with pockets, no sewing required.

No-Sew Blanket Poncho

13. Stenciled Leggings:

And finally, a way to style up those leggings you are undoubtedly spending a good chunk of your holiday break hanging around in 😉

Stenciled Leggings

Have you tried any of the projects above? How did they go? Talk to us in the comments below. 

Source: www.worldleaks.com