11 Year Old Boy Sells Monet Style Paintings For 2.5 Million Dollars

Monet Style Paintings

11 year old Kieron Williamson is making a name for himself as a professional artist after selling off his Monet style paintings for a whopping 2.5 million dollars.

The young British artist has been named the “Mini-Monet” for the quality of his beautiful impressionist paintings. Claude Monet, whom Williamson was nick-named after, was a 19th-century French artist who is considered to be the father of the impressionist movement. When placed side-by-side with paintings by Monet, Edouard Manet and other impressionist masters, Williamson’s paintings measure up and it can even by difficult to tell the difference.

Williamson began drawing boats in a scrapbook when he was 5. Before then, he had exhibited little interest in drawing. With the support of his parents and of local artists in Norfolk, his talent blossomed. In 2009, he was featured at his first gallery, and stories of his talent quickly spread. He has already made 1.5 million pounds by selling his paintings.

Look at the paintings below, can you tell the difference between the Monet and Williamson’s masterpiece?

amazing-paintings-11-year-old-kieron worldleaks

An educated eye will probably spot the differences between Williamson’s work and that of the older masters, but for most of us, it might be a tough call. After the Daily Mail paired some of his paintings with classics, we decided to create a quiz for our readers. Can you differentiate between the work of an impressionist master and the work of an 11-year-old?

paintings worldleaks

The painting on the right is Monet’s.

Source : www.worldleaks.com

5 Incredible Street Artists From Around The World

Titi Freak:

Titi Freak’s real name is Hamilton Yokota he is a São Paulo native with Japanese ancestry and his art combines with his cultural background. He spent three months in Osaka, Japan painting these colorful koi fish.

street artist worldleaks

Titi Freak


Hyuro is an Argentinian born street artist that can now be found in Valencia, Spain. His work is mostly composed in black and white.


Hyuro worldleaks


French street artist C215′s actual name is Christian Guémy. He travels the world and paints streets wherever he is. Christian usually paints local faces on these streets.


c215 worldleaks


Vhils is also known as Alexandre Farto who is a Portuguese born street artist. Alexandre uses tools such as a power drill, chisel, and a lot of different paints to create his art.He literally scratches off the surface of buildings to create his masterpieces.

Vhils worldleaks



Roa has a unique way of separating him from the rest of the street artist. He adds different layers into a piece, giving his viewers multiples perspectives of the biology behind his animal subjects. It’s almost like x-ray vision.

Roa worldleaks


Source : www.worldleaks.com

Geometric Wall Art That Doubles as a Memo Board

Geometric Wall Art

Need a space in your home to hang up odds and ends that doesn’t look like a plain old cork board? How about something that actually looks as good when it’s empty as when it’s filled with photos, ticket stubs, and all those other things you love to save? We teamed up with Velcro Industries to create this fun and stylish memo board – read on to see how it’s done.


– VELCRO® Mini Fasteners (3/8in Dots)
– VELCRO® Brand Plant Tie Roll (in pink, yellow, and blue)
– mini gold nails
– To pin up: fake flowers, gold animal toys, magazine cut outs, photos, a notepad


– hammer
– scissors


We went with pop colors for our wall but you could also go more graphic with black VELCRO® Brand tape, or go holiday with red and green!


The items we chose to “pin” up ranged from fake daisies to gold lions to pens and a notepad. Usefuland nice to look at 🙂


First, cut your tape to a length that works with your space.


Use a hammer and nail to attach it to the wall, and angle it however you like and nail at the other end.


Repeat with as many pieces as you like. Layering and angling each time.


It’s almost done!


To pin things up, attach VELCRO® Mini Fasteners to your items. How cute is this daisy?


And love being able to throw a to-do list up on there.




And there you have it!


It would make a great memo board above your dresser or vanity.


And adds a great pop of color to any space. Don’t be surprised if you see more of these popping up in the background here at Brit HQ!

What cool things have you made using VELCRO® Brand products? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: www.worldleaks.com

Neon Paint Brings Ordinary Portraits to Life

neon paint worldleaks

Light effects are just about as versatile as the imagination. The possibilities are endless. This is what Portuguese photographer Hid Saib discovered as he played around with some neon effects on people’s faces. Hid Saib used tiny flecks of vivid neon paint and decorated the faces as well as shoulders of the subjects in his portraits.

celestial patterns

The results are images that look like a starry night or celestial patterns all over  the subject’s faces. Some even resemble an aurora borealis thanks to the colorful illumination of the neon paint that seem to be bursting. At times, one also calls to mind tiny embers of a fire as the small specks of light flicker in the dark.

neon paint speck

One will observe that there is an irregularity to the intensity of each neon paint speck, all the more creating realism in every image. The glowing paint seems like a fiery avalanche of sparks darting across the cheeks of the subjects.

In other images, there is a more peaceful aura, with subjects appearing more serene with the strange glow. One can also mistake these images to be part of some promotional gimmick for a forthcoming sci-fi movie.

paint worldleaks

The series is aptly called Neon, and Saib demonstrates both his mastery of his craft as a photographer and as a lighting designer. The portraits can also be likened to shots of alien beings, being luminescent with the sparks of glowing colors all over their faces.


Saib has always been one to be imaginative. As a student he was the classmate always known to have a camera in tow, documenting every activity, mischievous or otherwise, and constantly taking pictures of everybody. He took up photography in college and works professionally today doing his passion. His work has been displayed in exhibits internationally.


Source: www.worldleaks.com

Unbelievably Creative Furniture

1. Comfortable Chair Included

If you’re an avid fan of books and reading, then you’re going to love this bookshelf! Not only does it come with plenty of room to house all of your books, but the bookshelf also comes with a built-in comfortable reading space for you to park your bottom. When you finish one book, the other books are still in reach – Brilliant! We’ll have ten of these please…

comfortable chair - worldleaks

2. New Wheels

Check out those new wheels! This desk is definitely for those who really love cars. You might have one similar in your garage, and you spend your spare time polishing it and admiring it. But what about when you get to work? Now you can think about your car even when you’re supposed to be thinking about other things…Genius design in furniture, or too far? We’ll let you be the judge!

wheels - worldleaks

3. Fill In The Cat

This piece of designer furniture is called “Fill In The Cat”, and it isn’t hard to see why! The designers explain, “The pieces suggest a continuous play between interaction and representation, where daily use generates a continuously changing story”. We think this creative piece of furniture is brilliant, and it is especially great for children who will love its playful nature.


4. Spaghetti Bench

It might be called the “spaghetti bench”, but we think this unusual picnic bench is so much more than that! Just look at the way the planks of wood entwine and climb into the air – It’s a work of art! Perhaps it’s time to install these in every park around the country, because we think this simple concept adds a whole other dimension to every day life.

sphagetti bench-worldleaks

5. Climbing Walls

Sometimes, people might annoy you so much that they make you feel like you’re about to “climb the wall” as the popular saying goes, however we never thought a couch would want to do the same thing! This beautiful, romantic-inspired couch is so unique – We’ve never seen anything like it before! The added bonus of it leaning against the wall is that it also doubles as a pretty comfortable, upright bed.

climbing walls-worldleaks

6. Brush The Seat

They might look like oddly-shaped toothbrushes, but these crazy designs double as stools and foot rests! The bonus is they look like they can probably help you clean your floor too! Simply sweep the chair along and bits of dust and crumbs will disappear…We’re not so sure this design would suit EVERY home though (or person).

brush the seat-worldleaks

7. Up!

This design might remind us of the movie, Up!, but the designers explain: “This bench was visually inspired by the feeling of floating that the main character felt in the French movie, ‘Le Ballon Rouge'”. It might create the illusion that the chair is being held afloat by those balloons, but really the bench is suspended from the ceiling by 4 anchors concealed by the balloon shapes. Either way, we love the illusion that this unbelievably creative piece of furniture creates.


8. Adopt A Walrus

When we say “adopt a walrus”, we mean adopt a walrus chair of course! Fancy having the marine creature in your home? Not only will he serve as a showpiece, but the walrus also doubles as a soft and comfortable chair. Designer Maximo Riera is responsible for this creative animal chair furniture, and the range includes other species too, from mammals to reptiles! What a great way to bring the animal kingdom home (without any of the mess of course).


9. Corporate Swing

It’s as though all of our childhood wishes have come true – this super fun Swing Table by Duffy London is now available for all to own! We think it’s a great way to add some fun to corporate meetings, conferences and even dinner time. Can you imagine your boss swinging in his or her chair like they’re at a playground?! The other bonus is that vacuuming under this table would be extremely easy.

corporate swing-worldleaks

10. iPad Rocker

Introducing the word’s first power generating iPad rocking chair! That’s right, you can now sit back and relax in this rocking chair whilst charging up your iPad’s battery. Once upon a time, rocking chairs were only meant for the elderly, but it seems as though they’re now the latest trend – Bizarre! This creative piece of furniture was designed by Micasa Lab in Zurich, and apparently one hour of rocking will get an iPad up to 35% of a full charge.

iPad rocker-worldleaks

11. Baguette, Anyone?

If upon first glance of this piece of furniture, you thought it was a table made from baguettes, then you were right! Not just for those in France, this table designed by Studio Rygalik would look delicious in any kitchen. Hopefully you don’t get too hungry though and start eating your table, because that would be quite unfortunate! The designers explain that they created this table design in order to “generate a discussion about food waste” – Impressive!


12. Crowd Surfing

Imagine crowd surfing on lots of little red, spongy balls? Judging by the look on this woman’s face, it must feel divine! The red balls adjust to your preferred comfortable position in order to support your back and posture properly. We all need one of these after a long day of work! Not sure how it would match the other furniture though…

crowd surfing-worldleaks

13. Fiat 500 Sofa

This piece of furniture isn’t just for the Italians – Car lovers and lovers of unique, quirky furniture will love it all the same! Fancy sitting down on this masterpiece to watch television of a night? Your friends and neighbors would be so jealous! After all, it’s not everyday you find a Fiat 500 in someone’s living room…Despite the wheels, this sofa doesn’t just roll around, so you’ll still be safe!

fiat 500 sofa-worldleaks

14. Pac-Man Reborn

Pac-Man has become a pop culture icon, but now you don’t have to say goodbye to him when you leave the arcade. Instead, you can come home to your very own Pac-Man in the form of a chair! We love this forever-hungry, yellow monster, and think this idea is absolutely brilliant. Perhaps it’s time to makeover the lounge room…


15. Nature’s Shelf

Shelves can be a little dull, can’t they? But what if something once used to store things could actually become a centerpiece of a room and a work of art? The designers behind this piece asked the same question, and the result? This beautifully creative wall shelf of course! We love the curvy design and the accompanying wall decal. It seems like it is no longer “hip to be square” when it comes to your furniture…



Source: www.worldleaks.com

10 Unique Home Theater Themes

1. Beam Me Up, Scotty

Walking into this unique home theater feels eerily similar to walking aboard the Starship Enterprise or Voyager. Equipped with computer-controlled LED lighting, this virtual spaceship can change from color to color at the touch of a button — even to “red alert” if problems arise. The room has 11 seats, a large screen and state-of-the-art electronics. Designed by Audio Advisors, Inc. in West Palm Beach, Fla., the room is so impressive it was named best overall themed theater in 2007 by CEDIA, an organization of leading custom home theater installation contractors.


2. To The Batcave!

While this is only a conceptual rendering, Elite Home Theater Seating owner Bobby Bala describes what it’s been like designing the ultimate batcave home theater. “I think it will surpass everyone’s expectations,” he says. One feature the theater will have that isn’t shown is a life-size replica of the Bat Mobile seen in The Dark Knight, which will sit in an adjacent room. He also plans to add a lobby and concession area, and a few cozy details straight out of the Wayne Manor to avoid a too-cold, cave-like feel in the room. Bala expects the theater and surrounding rooms to be finished in the next few months.


3. Hoop Dreams

This media room is any NBA fan’s dream come true. Equipped with more than 20 plasma and LCD displays, a bar/kitchenette, bathrooms, and billiard and poker area, basketball lovers have no reason to leave. HomeTronics, Inc., of Dallas, designed this sports paradise, which even includes motorized telescopic poles around the poker table that lower screens from the ceiling, allowing each player to watch whichever game they want. This room took home CEDIA’s 2006 best overall media room award, and for good reason.


4. For Art’s Sake

Disguised as a stunning art gallery, this home theater features a stealthy but innovative design. It is adorned with beautiful works of art but also boasts a retractable 14-foot multimedia screen, drop-down plasma screens, and a hidden gallery kitchen and guest quarters. Designed by Baumesiter Electronic Architects of Niles, Ill., this artsy room is the perfect place to entertain guests in a variety of ways.


5. $6 Million Theater

Dubbed the $6 million theater, this media room leaves almost nothing to be desired. Designed and built by Jeremy R. Kipnis of Kipnis Studios, the theater offers the most incredible sensory experience. The screen, which is 22 feet diagonally, is state-of-the-art: When a movie begins, the screen vanishes to reveal a mirage-like image fidelity bringing you right into the action. The theater also includes a double-story balcony, orchestra section and special acoustic materials that help make the room completely noise isolated.


6. Lord of the Theaters

Inspired by one of the most popular movie franchises in history, this Lord of the Rings themed home theater offers a unique flair with its cutting-edge technology. Equipped with a wireless touch-screen monitor, huge theater screen and comfortable chairs and bar area, the theater brings the movies to life. Silver Screen & Sound, Inc. of Towson, Md., designed this beautiful one-of-a-kind room.


7. The Roaring 20s

Another creation by Elite Home Theater Seating is this theater designed in 1920s movie palace style. The ornate home theater features 12 plush chairs with custom-patterned fabric; a chandelier and small wall lamps to add warmth; and a coffered ceiling treatment with custom moldings and an embossed copper ceiling. The upscale theater is the pinnacle of class and elegance, complete with pillars and embossed wall texturing.


8. A Movie Gold Mine

This unusual home theater is the ultimate underground experience made to feel like a mine shaft. The home is located in a town known for mining in the 1800s, and the experts at Aurant in West Valley City, Utah, made sure the theater reflected that atmosphere. From the long entrance hall leading down to the dark mine that doubles as the theater, every detail stays true to theme.


9. Rockin’ Around the Theater

It’s impossible not to have a rockin’ good time in this 1950s diner-inspired entertainment center. Not only does it feature a theater screen surrounded by a mural of the classic drive-in scene, but it also includes a private bowling alley and incredible decor. Audio One Sound and Video Inc. in Miami also amped up the theater system with 12 speakers, two subwoofers and a high-end front projector.


10. Beneath the Stars

A work of art itself, this French country chateau theater was inspired by French architectural design. Its emphasis on lavish interiors and close attention to detail bring viewers out of the theater and into the countryside. Aurant in West Valley City, Utah, turned this room into a beautiful star-studded home theater.


Source: www.worldleaks.com