Best of 2013: 13 Clever Style Tips and Tricks

Next up as we close out 2013, we’re setting our sights on style and all the fun ways we hacked, beaded, and styled it up this past year. From pockets to fringe to LED headbands, here are our top 13 style tutorials of 2013.

1. DIY Pockets:

Remember Polly Pocket? Well, this tutorial has absolutely nothing to do with that way-less-than-pint-sized gal from the ’90s, but we couldn’t resist a nostalgic reference. In this project, we added pockets to tanks and sweatshirts.

style tips

2. Painted Ikat Wedges:

We’ve written about our love of Ikat many times before, and are still on the hunt for the perfect pun that somehow combines cats, iPhones (iCat?), and this attractive pattern. In any case, these wedges are a cinch to replicate.

Painted Ikat Wedges

3. Sweater Circle Scarf:

Got an old sweater or two that are too tired to even be thrifted? Turn them into a scarf with nothing but fabric scissors and hot glue.

Sweater Circle Scarf

4. Tricked Out Booties:

Every gal’s gotta have a pair (or five) of basic booties. If you’re getting bored of plain old basics, add fringe, chain, or rope to them in just minutes. Our favorite is definitely the fringe!

Tricked Out Booties

5. Rhinestone Sunglasses Case:

Your stylish sunnies definitely need a stylish home. Take a basic sunglasses case and Brit it up (yes, Brit it up!) using rhinestones and repurposed jewelry.

Rhinestone Sunglasses Case

6.  Sequined Tees:

Want to get on the collar trend but aren’t super down with formal attire? All you need is a t-shirt and sequins to make your own bedazzled statement top.

Sequined Tees

7. Summer Cutouts:

Oooh! Cutouts are still hot hot hot, and we can’t wait for a little summer weather to bust out this smokin’ hot black dress from this past summer.

Summer Cutouts

8. Colorful Studded Clutches:

As you can see, we’re pretty into taking basics you might already have and tricking them out. In this case, brightly colored clutches and coin purses get the Brit + Co. treatment.

Colorful Studded Clutches

9. Statement Necklace Clutch:

Upon reading the name of this project, you probably think we just threw a bunch of often-used words into a jar and pulled out three that kind of work together. But in reality, we used a statement necklace to embellish a clutch, simply by gluing it on.

Statement Necklace Clutch

10. Leather Fringe and Tassels Clutch:

Boom! Another way to embellish a clutch. This time it’s all about leather.

Leather Fringe and Tassels Clutch

11. LED Headbands:

These were almost as much fun to make as they were to wear! This project is a great way to start experimenting with light up DIY projects and what not.

LED Headbands

12. No-Sew Blanket Poncho:

Made as part of our Bird Week series with Airbnb, this project will show you how to turn a blanket into a poncho with pockets, no sewing required.

No-Sew Blanket Poncho

13. Stenciled Leggings:

And finally, a way to style up those leggings you are undoubtedly spending a good chunk of your holiday break hanging around in 😉

Stenciled Leggings

Have you tried any of the projects above? How did they go? Talk to us in the comments below. 



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