Micheal Jackson hologram breathtaking performance at Billboard Music Awards 2014

Micheal Jackson


Micheal Jackson, the King of Pop, who have millions of fans all over the world died in 2009. For cheering his fans, he crowd gave a standing ovation for the projection of Micheal.

The BBMA director and producer, Larry klein had been planning for this performance for the past six months. Talking about something that actually did not exist was really weird and tough to implement, says Larry. As a result of this six months plan, they did a very good job in filming, choreography and the overall performance.

The performance was a visual treat for all the fans of Jackson. Most of his fans teared at the awards. Even though this performance is not the first posthumous artist to be reconstituted by projection but anyway, no one can stop the huge crowd assembled during the performance. Micheal Jackson hologram emerged in gold jacket, white T-shirt with brick red trousers. The holographic form of Jackson rocking out to “Slave to the Rhythm” from his new album Xscape. The dancers were in ancient costumes performing together with the hologram which brought the memory of the King of Pop.


Micheal Jackon holographic performance


BBMA producers built a special stage for this holographic performance at the MGM Grand Arena. It is important to note that the stage was used only for the performance of Jackson alone. The performance includes lasers, streams of flames and 16 dancers. Just before the presentation, BBMA director Larry says that you’re going to watch a magical performance of Micheal Jackson and a moonwalk being one of them like you would have when he was performing before he dies.
The Xscape album was actually released earlier this month, but the surprise was destroyed a few days early by litigation between several holographic companies over the tech being used. Most of his fans accept this as a perfect honor for their idol but some of them felt it like a creepy.

See the holographic performance at Billboard Music Awards..


Source: www.worldleaks.com

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