Top 30 terribly waste websites to spend your time worthlessly

waste websites

Top 30 terribly waste websites

Are you felt bored with your usual visiting websites?

Don’t freak out! Really, there are plenty of websites other than social media like Facebook or Twitter to waste your precious time.

Yep! We revealed the latest list of top 30 websites that are really made to waste your time, if you allow it to.

1. Find the Invisible Cow




2. The Useless Web


useless web


3. Hacker Typer


hacker typer


4. Boohbah Zone


boohbah zone


5. Staggering Beauty


staggering beauty


6. Bees Bees Bees




7. Ducks are the Best




8. A Stretchy Hand


strechy hand


9. Ringing Telephone




10. Koalas to the max




11. Giant bat farts




12. Chris mckenzie


chris mckenzie


13. I love you like a fat lady loves apples


fat lady apples


14. Sad for Japan


 sad for japan


15. Taghua




16. Leduchamp




17. Everyday I’m


everyday i'm


18. Cat Bounce




19. Haneke








21. A Blue Box


a blue box


22. Rainy Mood


rainy mood


23. The nicest place on the Internet


nicest place on the internet


24. Will the future be awesome?


may be


25. Ninja flex


ninja flex


26. Is my computer on?


is my computer on waste websites


27. Nulling the void


nulling the void


28. I has a bucket


i has a


29. Salmon of Capistrano




30. Ouais mais bon


ouais mais bon




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