Google Data Centers Brings Information to Life

Have you ever wondered exactly what took place inside of Google? Who hasn’t, Google has the mother load of all data storage systems, and with an increasing flow of data that streams across everyone’s favorite virtual highway, Google has found a need to open a new Data Center.Currently Google has eight data centers; Belgium, Finland and six scattered throughout America. There are an additional 4 being constructed in Chile,Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Without these massive data centers, Google would lack the capabilities needed to keep the internet flush with information. Let’s face it, we certainly can’t have that, all life as we know it would cease.

Google Counsel Bluffs, Iowa Antenna

google data centers worldleaks

With the continuous flow of information that Google handles on a daily basis, every second of every day they require larger than life antennas that can send and receive data.  This Iowa antenna receives access service unit signals and then bounces those signals to residential homes around the world.

Google Network Systems

Google Network Systems worldleaks

It requires an entire campus filled with routers larger than most of us have ever imagined for Google Data Systems to communicate with one another from all over the globe. Without these sterile networking environments, online businesses, game rooms, shopping portals and social media outlets would  be unable to operate.

Google Storage Towers

Google Storage Towers worldleaks

In order to access and send data across multiple servers, Google has several grand scheme data towers that take up several buildings. It allows Google to safely store every piece of information that was ever added to the internet, this includes website locations, blog and forum comments, news articles and even local searches.

Google Cooling Towers

Google Cooling Towers worldleaks

With the nonstop flow of information that must go on day or night, Google Data Centers can become quite hot. This can provide severe discomfort to people and could potentially harm critical information. To prevent overheating, Google has numerous cooling towers than help to lower temperatures so that everything can keep moving forward.

Google Water Pipes

Google Water Pipes worldleaks

Google uses an amazing amount of water to help cool things down. With the combined efforts of gigantic cooling towers and multiple water pipes, carrying cool water, Google is able to keep data from around the world safe and secure. Check out the size of those pipes next to that flashy yellow bike.

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