10 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Black

#1 Rashida Jones

She’s currently on Parks and Rec, but has been on The Office and in movies like The Social Network and I Love You, Man. Her dad is music mogul Quincy Jones. Her mother is actress Peggy Lipton.

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 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Black

#2 Mariah Carey

Mariah’s father was of African American and Venezuelan descent. Her mother is of Irish descent.

Mariah Carey

#3 Maya Rudolph

You know her from Saturday Night Live and movies like Bridesmaids. Maya is the daughter of singer Minnie Riperton and music composer Richard Rudolph.

Maya Rudolph

#4 Wentworth Miller

Miller is probably best known for the show Prison Break. His father is African-American. His mother has Dutch, French, Swedish, Lebanese/Syrian, Austrian, and Polish ancestry.

Wentworth Miller

#5 Adriana Lima

You’re probably seen Adriana prancing around in her skimpies for Victoria’s Secret. She has Brazilian, African-Brazilian, Portuguese, French, and Caribbean heritage.

Adriana Lima

#6 Gabrielle Reece

She was a world-class volleyball player. Now she’s a model. Her father was Trinidadian. He was killed in a plane crash when Gabrielle was five.

Gabrielle Reece

#7 Slash

Saul Hudson, AKA Slash of Guns N Roses fame, is one of the best guitarists ever. His mother was African-American and his father is English.


#8 Pete Wentz

He’s the bassist for rockers Fall Out Boy. He was born Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III and his mother is Jamaican.

Pete Wentz

#9 Jennifer Beals

You want to watch Flashdance right now, don’t you? No famous parents here, but Jennifer’s father is African American and her mother was Irish.

Jennifer Beals

#10 Soledad O’Brien

She’s an anchor and correspondent for CNN, HBO’s Real Sports and Al Jazeera America’s America Tonight. Her mother is Cuban and her father is Australian.

Soledad O’Brien

Source : www.worldleaks.com

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