GoPro video: Two guys climb the world’s second tallest building

world's second tallest building

Shanghai Tower will become the second tallest building in the world once it’s complete this year — second only to Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. The final cylindrical tower of glass will rise 2,073 feet into the sky. Rather than wait for the Shanghai Tower to open in to the public in 2015, two thrill-seeking (and might we add crazy) Russian guys decided to sneak onto the construction site during the Chinese Lunar New Year and climb the unfinished building with GoPro cameras strapped to their heads.

As you’d expect, the footage from their GoPros is incredible from such a height. The GoPro’s fisheye lens only adds to the stunt’s grandeur. Even sitting here in front of my computer screen, I was already starting to get vertigo looking at them climbing up the construction crane’s arm without so much any safety gear.

That’s right, climbers Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov snuck into the Shanghai Tower’s construction site and made their way up the structure with nothing but gloves.

It’s highly recommended you keep watch the entire video. There’s a moment where one of the guys finds himself on a foot rail that looks like it’s going to fall apart.

The only thing that would have made the climb more impressive is if Makhorov and Raskalov base jumped off, like those two dudes who leapt off the Burj Khalifa. But I guess going home with these stunning from high above Shanghai is just as good. Just look at one of them sitting on the crane and on the edge of the building without so much as a worry to plummeting to his death. This is what you call having balls.

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