5 Incredible Street Artists From Around The World

Titi Freak:

Titi Freak’s real name is Hamilton Yokota he is a São Paulo native with Japanese ancestry and his art combines with his cultural background. He spent three months in Osaka, Japan painting these colorful koi fish.

street artist worldleaks

Titi Freak


Hyuro is an Argentinian born street artist that can now be found in Valencia, Spain. His work is mostly composed in black and white.


Hyuro worldleaks


French street artist C215′s actual name is Christian Guémy. He travels the world and paints streets wherever he is. Christian usually paints local faces on these streets.


c215 worldleaks


Vhils is also known as Alexandre Farto who is a Portuguese born street artist. Alexandre uses tools such as a power drill, chisel, and a lot of different paints to create his art.He literally scratches off the surface of buildings to create his masterpieces.

Vhils worldleaks



Roa has a unique way of separating him from the rest of the street artist. He adds different layers into a piece, giving his viewers multiples perspectives of the biology behind his animal subjects. It’s almost like x-ray vision.

Roa worldleaks


Source : www.worldleaks.com


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