Five Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Just in case any of you have a lot of spare cash when out selecting your new dog,  A breeder in Germany is charging 20,000 Euro for a German shepherd puppy so that dog could easily rank on the next list. Rottweilers are also expensive in Europe but have been so overbred in the US and South America that prices have fallen.

What are the five most expensive dog breeds?

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

most expensive dogs

This cute little dog has been selected to have child-like features and a friendly personality. They have been popular among the royalty of England for hundreds of years and are popular in the UK. They are still uncommon and demand a higher price in the US; since numerous health problems afflict the breed it may stay that way. They suffer from heart disease, spinal cord problems, and can also have hip dysplasia. They have been bred to have brachycephalic features (a muzzle shorter than it is wide) and have breathing problems associated with that condition.

Although it is a spaniel, it is a toy dog and comes in four colors. My favorite are the chestnut and white dogs but they are also available in black and tan, ruby (almost all chestnut) and tricolor (black and white and tan).

English Bulldog


This breed of dog is expensive for a good reason. They look great but are brachycephalic so have several serious health conditions associated with their breathing; more importantly they have abnormal pelvic structure and since the puppies heads are so large they often have trouble whelping; over 80% of English Bulldogs require c-sections. They only live about 8-10 years but when owners were surveyed in the UK they actually reported a 6.5 year lifespan.

Bulldogs have heart disease, cancer, cherry eye, allergies, knee problems (patellar luxation) skin fold infections, and the majority of them also have problems with hip dysplasia. They are prone to obesity if they are not exercised but since they are brachycephalic overheat easily and cannot be exercised on hot days.

Some breeders are trying to select more healthy dogs but the highest prices are still gained by the dogs with the short muzzles and heavy skin folds. If they stay that way this will continue to be an expensive dog breed.

Chow Chow


Besides being one of the breeds that shed a lot, the chow is also one of the most expensive. They are one of the oldest dog breeds and ancestors to many of the modern dogs. Unfortunately the breed is prone to several diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, entropion, diabetes, pemphigus, and hip dysplasia. They also are affected by several types of cancer like lymphoma, stomach cancer, and skin cancer.

If you decide to hand over the money and buy a Chow chow, you need to be aware that your homeowner´s insurance is probably going to go up. They can be great pets but have gained a reputation as aggressive dogs protective of their household.

If you are looking for a quiet dog, however, a Chow chow is a good choice.



This dog is a member of the desert nobility and acts like he knows it. The Saluki is one of the oldest breeds around. They have been in Europe since the crusades but before that were found in Egypt and Arabia even before that.

They are tall, skinny, and look graceful with their feathered tail and thighs.

Why are Salukis so expensive? They almost died out in the UK during World War II but had already been recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1929. They are not a popular breed but have maintained their numbers. They are generally healthy for a purebred dog, with low rates of hip dysplasia and some heart and skin diseases. About a third of the dogs die from cancer, however. Maybe Saluki owners like to purchase the same breed of dog each time out, and since there are so few breeders the prices stay high.

If you want a handsome dog, and are willing to put up with an aloof sighthound that might run off and chase at a moment´s notice, the Saluki is an excellent dog.

Tibetan Mastiff


This is the most expensive dog. A wealthy industrialist in China recently purchased a red mastiff for 10 million Yuan (1.5 million US dollars)! The most expensive dog previous to this one was another Tibetan Mastiff, sold for a mere $582,000 back in 2009. They make excellent guard dogs and look magnificent but….oh well.

This breed is not that expensive in the U.S. After it was recognized by the AKC the dog was overbred and several genetic diseases were developed. Tibetan Mastiffs are generally healthy and long-lived for a large breed but can be affected by hypothyroidism, skin problems, eyelid problems and cataracts, bite problems, and epilepsy. Health testing should eliminate these diseases, decrease the number of dogs available for breeding, and, since they only breed once a year, drive those prices back up where they should be. Probably not as high as those in China, however!

If you have the money to buy one of these dog, be sure to advertise it by buying a cup, bumper sticker, mousepad….The possibilities are endless.



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