Top 7 Coolest, Most Outdoorsy Jobs in America

When you think of the coolest jobs out there, the ones that take you places, give you new exciting experiences, bring you to sights which your breath away, do you imagine them being office jobs? Probably not. It’s the outdoor jobs that give you all that and more. So without further ado, the 7 coolest, most outdoorsy jobs in America:

Park ranger

outdoorsy jobs

While most people go to state and national parks for weekend getaways, rangers get to live there year round. All while getting paid to do it! This is a very sought after job though, the people who are currently park rangers started at the bottom of the mountain, cleaning up the family campgrounds toilets, and working trail crew before earning their badge.

Ski Instructor

Ski Instructor

Possibly the easiest job to earn on the list, definitely not the least awesome. It gets you on the slopes more times in one year than most people get in five. As a ski instructor it is your job to improve the skiing experience of others and teach them about what you love, skiing! (and babysit 15 children at once while their parents have fun)



Many gigs include shooting weddings and parties, which honestly is a pretty sweet job. You get to meet a ton of people in a great environment all while being paid to do it! Additionally photographers get jobs shooting amazing scenery, while traveling the world and experiencing different cultures. If you’re looking for a job that is all about seeing amazing sights, then being a photographer is it.

Sky Diving Instructor


Want a job that requires an adrenaline rush? How about jumping out of planes for a living? Sky diving is probably one of the most thrilling sports out there, add ‘instructor’ to that and you get to share that experience with the people your teaching.

Wildlife Caretaker

Wildlife Caretaker

Have you ever taken care of a pet? Was it a Bengal Tiger? If you are a wildlife caretaker then it could be. Wildlife caretakers have amazing outdoor jobs. Not only do they get to be outside all the time, they get to interact with wildlife from all over the world.

Scuba Diving Guide

Scuba Diving Guide

The rules of gravity no longer apply, and almost everything you touch is a living creature. Your job? To guide fellow adventurers to some of the most beautiful sights under water. Along the way you get to swim with some of the largest mammals on the planet.

Event Production Director

Event Production Director

Have you ever wondered who sets up concerts? Races? Festivals? Behind it all is the Production Director. The job is to make the event not only run as smoothly as possible, but for the people attending to have as much fun as possible. From initial planning to final clean up, the production director runs the show. On top of planning out different events, they also get to travel all over to put these events on.

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