Maveric – New US Army Drone Looks Just Like A Crow

maveric worldleaks

drone worldleaks

US army loves drones and that’s for obvious reasons. They are great when it comes to collecting information or carrying out operations where they don’t want the troops to go in. However, the problem with drones is the fact that they are not too stealthy and can be easily spotted and shot down. But what if your drone was small enough to be missed by observers or better yet, looked like a bird? This is exactly what the new drone, Maveric, has accomplished. This drone, for regular observers, will look like a bird and this gives the drone an advantage.


drone army worldleaks

This invention from Prioria Robotics has already managed to land an order of 36 units for US army. The drone is as big as a crow and comes with a gimball camera that is mounted to the belly and can be used to collect information without getting spotted. The drone weighs about 2.5 pounds and can be prepared by one soldier for takeoff in under five minutes. Once it takes off, it is capable of achieving a speed of 65 miles per hour and an altitude of about 25,000 ft. The only turnoff is that it can continue the flight for only an hour. Yeah, bummer, but looking at the bright side, you can make a battery swap in 5 seconds and you are good to go again.

us army worldleaks

We’ve seen such drones in action before as well but those were for civilian use, however, these are already ordered by US army and this would be the first time that US Army is making use of such drones. Watch the promotional video of the drone in action:



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