10 Breathtaking Underwater Photos

#10. A Lonely Seal

This haunting image is of a seal swimming through a majestic kelp forest. This image is actually part of an annual photography competition put on by the University Of Miami which receives over 700 entries. One must wonder what was going through the mind of this seal as his photo was being snapped.

worldleaks underwater photos

#9. Two Worlds, One Picture

This breathtaking image is by famed underwater photographer David Doubilet. When the water is this crystal clear, capturing beautiful stills such as this one, is much easier. We love that he was able to balance the above and below water landscapes, adding perspective to the image.

two worlds worldleaks

#8. Hell Beast Thing

No, this is not some alien spawn coming to suck your life source through your skull. This glow-in-the-dark hell beast is actually from Earth. We’re not sure what it does, or why it does it, but we suspect that its main purpose in life is to scare all underwater creatures, thereby maintaining order under the sea.

hell beast worldleaks

#7. Beautiful Jellyfish

Jellyfish may be the most underrated sea creatures alive. They float around in a very celestial manner, and can illuminate in all sorts of beautiful colors. But if given the opportunity, they can quickly turn violent. Did you know that jellyfish are carnivores? While they don’t seek out humans to attack, they can sting as a means of defense. Be careful!

jelly fish worldleaks

#6. A Goliath In Florida

Another entry in the annual University of Miami photo competition, this startling action shot captured this majestic Goliath Grouper swimming through a school of fish. We wonder if he “accidentally” swallowed some fish, probably!

goliath worldleaks

#5. School Time

David Fleetham captured this amazing picture as a large school of fish were gathered in motion. The ghostly blue water set the tone for this touching image. One has to wonder about the urgency with which they travel, and where they’re going.

fishes worldleaks

#4. Highlighter Nemo!

Joshua Lambus has put together a stunning photograph collection of luminous underwater creatures. As beautiful as this fish looks, it’s incredibly unappetizing. Sometimes you have to make serious sacrifices for art, or so they say.

worldleaks nemo

#3. Rainbow Squid

This beautiful squid with translucent skin uses tiny cells all over its body to change colors. Why do they change colors you ask? So they can attract a mate of course. It seems that no matter the species, everyone is concerned with their appearance. Credit to famed photographer Todd Brett for taking this amazing picture.

rainbow squid worldleaks

#2. Star Crossed Lovers

You’d be surprised with the wide array of beautiful colors you’ll find in deep sea photography. These blue Starfish look very casual cool as they lounge on the sea floor. If you want to see these guys in person, you can venture off the coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

star crossed lovers worldleaks

#1. A Turtle On A Mission

This speedy guy is headed somewhere with all the determination in the world. It’s almost as if he’s swimming towards the camera. Perhaps he’s going to check out the random object that keeps following him around. Although given his stubby arms, there’s not much he’s going to do about it.

turtle worldleaksSource: www.worldleaks.com



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