The 15 strangest buildings in the world

Here are some of the world’s most unusual structures. These odd, eye-popping buildings–in England, China, and elsewhere–are worth a detour. We want to have a chat with the minds who created some of these – some are strange, some are just downright brilliant.


Device to Root Out Evil (Vancouver, Canada)

root out evil strangest building worldleaks

Crooked House (Sopot, Poland)

crooked house buildings worldleaks

Museum of Contemporary Art (Niteroi, Brazil)

contemporary art worldleaks

ING Headquarters (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

ING headquaters worldleaks

Dancing Building (Prague, Czech Republic)

dancing building worldleaks

Lotus Temple (Delhi, India)

lotus temple worldleaks

Forest Spiral Building (Darmstadt, Germany)

spiral building worldleaks

The Basket Building (Ohio, USA)

basket building

Stone House (FAFE, Portugal)

stone house worldleaks

Kansas City Public Library (Missouri, USA)

kansas city worldleaks

The Hole House (Texas, USA)

hole house worldleaks

Ryugyong Hotel (Pyongyang, North Korea)

ryugong worldleaks

Erwin Wurm: House Attack (Viena, Austria)

erwin wurn

Solar Furnace (Odeillo, France)

solar furnace worldleaks

Fuji television building (Tokyo, Japan)

fuji television worldleaksSouce:



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