The Fast & Furious Team Make An Emotional Video Tribute To Paul Walker

An official video tribute to Paul Walker just went up on the Fast & Furious YouTube channel.

It opens with a memorable scene from 2001’s The Fast and the Furious.

paul walker worldleaks

And then becomes a montage of scenes from all of Walker’s Fast & Furious movies, set to Diddy’s “Coming Home” (though featuring only Skylar Grey’s parts).

paul worldleaks

walker worldleaks

There aren’t any real dialogue scenes.

fast and furious worldleaks

paul walker worldleaks 1

But there is a lot of hugging.

paul walker hugging worldleaks

walker worldleaks 1

Some of it not even involving Walker.

hollywood paul walker

Surprisingly, the video includes some shots of Walker behind the wheel of a car.

walker in car worldleaks

But the shot of Walker from Fast & Furious 6 with Jordana Brewster and their characters’ baby makes a bigger impact.

paul walker family worldleaks

The clip ends with a touching speech from Vin Diesel about the importance of family.

fast and furious hero worldleaks

vin worldleaks

And this last hug, between Diesel, Brewster, and Walker.

walker hug worldleaks

brewster and walker worldleaksSource:



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