10 Selfies More Dangerous Than They’re Worth

Sometimes the urge to take a selfie is irresistible.

Your hair looks great, your iPhone is right there, and you’re dying to try out an Instagram filter other than Hefe. But there are times when it’s best to keep your phone tucked away, and focus all your attention on the task at hand.

Put the phone down and keep your chin up — it’s for your own good. (And everyone else’s too.)

1. The guy who’s not afraid of heights or dropping his phone.

worldleaks selfies

2. The guy who might want to check his shot for angry animals.

worldleaks selfies1

3. The guy who did not keep both hands firmly on the bar.

worldleaks selfies2

4. The guy who will go anywhere for an intense backdrop.

worldleaks selfies3

5. The guy who’s never seen ‘Jaws.’

worldleaks selfies4

6. The guy who didn’t believe the friend who told him it was a selfie-free party and violators would be punished.

worldleaks selfies5

7. The girl who offended this camel by not inviting him into the picture.

worldleaks selfies6

8. The girl who couldn’t take a coffee break so took a selfie break instead.

worldleaks selfies7

9. The girl who didn’t think anything of the shout, “Fly ball!”

worldleaks selfies8

10. The guy who should have noticed his opponent’s growing anger.

worldleaks selfies9

Leaks Source: www.worldleaks.com


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